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  • Bitzer condensing unit
Bitzer condensing unit

Bitzer condensing unit

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  • Description: Bitzer condensing unit

D series Evaporator utilized R22/R404a as refrigerant and applicated for chiller room, freezer room, balst freezing room. Distinguished by fin space: Fin 4.5MM for chiller room -5~5℃, Fin 6MM for freezer storage room -15~-20℃, fin 9MM for balst freezing room bellow -25℃.

1: casing

Stell with painting,Aluminum,Stainless 3 different materials are available for anti-corossion.

2:Fan motor

EBM,WEIGUANG,MAER for options.Low noise,big flowing capacity.


Stainless stell heaters inside and hot gas defrost is available.

4:Water receiver

Double water receiver,effective foranti-freezing

DL Models ( FinSpace4.5 MM)

Our passion to be the most respected brand in refrigeration industry began in 1993, when our president Chen jianping founded Bingfeng in a small workshop locate in YUHUAN(zhejiang). First we started to make compressors. Unfortunatelly, 2 years later in 1994, our factory almost burned to dashes because of an unexpected fire started from our neighbour.

It come to the cross of death or live. Thanks to our president Chen, he stant out, mortgaged his house and rebuilt the factory. It was his last shot, no back road. Like an old chinese saying:If one survives, there will be future fortunes, Bingfeng growed rapaidly in the last 4 years.

Later we growed as the calas 1 Bitzer compressor distributer in China. 1997 was milestone on our growing way, in that year we started production of heat exchangers and packed condensing unit for commercial refrigeration industry. Our business explosive growed, in order to short our delivery we moved our production line to shanghai the world largest port in 2008.

In 2012, we registered our trademark “MELUCK”, and introduced chiller production. In 2012 our new new larger factory takes 134000 and investment US$ 24millions started to produce in Xuancheng nearby shanghai. After decades development, now Meluck group equipment covers: condensing untis, evaporarots, chillers, PU panels, Icemakes,Air-conditionders.

Our products have been exported to 55 different countries around the world and will be more.We can accept both OEM&ODM manufacture. Thanks our customer’s trust and support, let us work together to make bright future.

Contact: KeivnYu

Phone: 18606201315

Tel: 0512-87961814

Email: info@soonidea.cn

Add: Jiangsu Suzhou gusu balance sand too road sand road

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