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what is a condensing unit?

Condensing unit are wildely used in HVAC&R . They move energy in the form of heat by compressing a gas known as a "refrigerant," then pumping it through a system of coils and using the air around the coils to heat and cool spaces. In theory, a refrigeration system is consist of 4 parts: Evaporator, condenser, compressor,expansion valve.But actually we will add more components so that the system can work smoothly. For air cooled condensing unit 2HP-5HP normally add liquid receiver,filter drier,sight glasses,solenoid valve,H/L pressure gauge.

The condensing unit is put out of cold room, either in the open air, on roof or in engine room. Condensing unit condenser can be air cooled, water cooled, evaporative cooled. For capacity over 8HP, we will add one more oil heating belt. In order to calculate cooling capacity, engineer need to know some basic information of a cold room: designed temperature(chiller room -5~15, cold storage room -18~-23,blast freezing room -25),cold room size(length*width*height),voltage(V/PH/HZ),refrigerant(R22/R404a/R507a). If can provide storage tons and cargo in/out temperature will be better. Air cooled system is widely used, for bigger capacity,water cooled system is more efficient but price is a little higher than air cooled system.



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