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What should pay attentions to when build a cold storage room in cellar?

Many people prefer to use cellar room to build cold storage room, today let's talk about what should we pay 
attentions before constructions. 

 The construction of cold room must comply with national laws and must not disturb other residents. It is also necessary to apply for related procedures according to the purpose of the cold storage.

2:Moisture resistance
 First of all, we all know that the basement has no lighting and is always cool. Although it can control the temperature better, but it is more humid than built on the ground.
 There are many insects in the basement, which may accelerate the wear and corrosion of the panels. Therefore, 
should choose panels that  anti-corrosion, anti-moth and anti-aging materials.
4:Water power supply guarantee, drainage problems
 When the rainfall is heavy, if the waterproof measures are not taken, the underground cold storage is easily 
flooded by rain, and drainage and maintenance are very troublesome. The underground water source and power 
supply need to be stable.
5:Condenser cooling
 The underground is narrow and non-ventilated, and the safety factor is lower than the above ground. Low heat 
dissipation of the condensing unit will also shorten the service life of the unit. Make sureto do a good job of 


There are advantages and disadvantages to building a cold store in the basement. Therefore, it is necessary to 
consider whether it is suitable for your own situation. The location of the cold storage plays a very important 
role in the later operation.



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