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What is a Sliding Door

Sliding doors

Before proceeding with the topic that corresponds to us on this site, we will provide information of interest about cold rooms, in whose walls sliding doors are placed for the optimization of refrigeration processes in large and medium-sized companies. We know that many companies need to add quality refrigeration systems with excellent components and an excellent cost-benefit ratio to their procedures, for this reason at Unifrío we are at your disposal, providing the best services in the national market. Not for nothing we are the favorites of many popular companies in the middle. Without further extension, let's open the content that this day corresponds to us and that we hope will be enjoyable for all our esteemed readers.

The space where the sliding doors are installed : the cold room.

Some establishments require a spatial distribution in which it is possible to store and preserve large quantities of products and raw materials, with high levels of quality, safety and profitability. In these cases, the most advisable thing to do is the acquisition of a cold room, whose cool interior allows goods, such as food, to be kept in optimal conditions before reaching the final consumer. Now, what is a cold room? It is a space with a large storage capacity that functions as a freezer or refrigerant and has the purpose of protecting various products in an organized way and in accordance with the standards stipulated by commercial organizations. Due to its advantageous characteristics for industries and businesses,

It is undoubtedly a fairly profitable option for large and medium-sized companies, but not for establishments and small businesses, however, there are adjustable systems for them, such as the refrigerators used in self-service stores. To understand the above, let's give a simple example: a 2 or 3 square meter refrigeration chamber is excellent for businesses such as restaurants, due to the large amount of groceries that are moved inside, to the high demand of customers, since food cannot be stored inside for many days.

Because these rooms are used for the preservation of edible products, national and international organizations have stipulated standards that define the materials allowed in the construction of cold rooms, for example, stainless steel and polyurethane panels. , in order to avoid damage to health derived from contact with toxic materials or substances harmful to the human body. In some cases, rooms are usually made up of 2 chambers, each with different objectives, namely to refrigerate and freeze. In such places the temperature can be modified and controlled by means of controls in charge of regulating the thermal levels of the space and of the stored products.

Before making use of the rooms, it should always be borne in mind that they are designed to protect raw materials exclusively and that in no case should they be mixed with other products such as chemicals, minerals, bacteria, etc., for the welfare of consumers. The most advisable thing is that only materials free of bacterial elements enter, although the refrigeration conditions omit the propagation of microorganisms for the preservation of products. It is essential that only authorized personnel enter the rooms, likewise, it is advisable to give them maintenance every 3 months, as well as constant cleaning to inhibit the generation of bad odors.

To keep the room hermetic, it is suggested to install a door with an excellent sealing function. In this case, the best option is to install sliding doorscapable of inhibiting leaks from outside. These are a specific type whose opening occurs horizontally with a slide in the direction of sliding axes, and over a certain space, that is, such pieces open parallel to the place where they are installed, unlike standard doors that open in a vertical direction. Sliding doors can be found as internal doors in various areas, from houses, patios, gardens, to large spaces such as those used by industries to carry out their operations. There are historical records of the existence of these doors in antiquity, for example, in Roman houses of the s. I. Even today it is possible to look into the ruins of Pompeii,current sliding doors .

At Meluck we sell this type of door in our refrigeration rooms. We have various designs, adaptable to any site, specially made according to customer requirements. We are dedicated to building and installing them, including imported hardware, which are maintenance free. Come to us and you will discover why we are the favorites of many renowned companies. We are waiting for it!



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