Fresh Water Flake Ice Machine For Food

2022-05-20 | Project Case

Fresh Water Flake Ice Machine Features:

1 .Higher refrigeration efficiency and lower loss of refrigeration capacity.

2.Automatic salt water flake ice machine adpots the latest vertical evaporator with inner helix ice cutter. In the process of ice making, the water distribution device in ice maker sprays water even on the internal surface of ice maker to frozen in a short time . After ice formed , the helix ice cutter drops down and cut ice . In this method, it makes a full use of evaporator and increase the efficiency of ice making.

3. High quality , dry and no-caked. The thickness of flake ice which produced by automatic ice flake making machine with vertical evaporator is about 1 mm to 2 mm. The ice shape is irregular flake ice and it has good mobility.

4.Simple structure and small land area . The series of ice flat has different kinds including fresh water type ,seawater type , fixed cold source type , equip cold source by customer, and ice flat machine with cold room. Customers can choose suitable machine according to site and different water quality . Compared to traditional ice making machine , it has advantage of small land area and low operation cost .

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