Mini Cold storage Room

2022-04-22 | Project Case

Refrigeration system:          

  1 Compressor: Copeland,

  2 Condensing units: air cooler.

  3 Evaporator: air cooler.

  4 Coolant: R22 or R404a is available.

Electric controlling system:       

Schneider electric components, digital display for temperature setting and reading, automatic and manual control, warning light for running failure.

 PU Insulation panel, cold store panels: 

 1 Material: polyurethane (PU), metal sheet.

  2 Density of PU: 35~42kg/m3

  3 Metal sheet:according to requirements

  4 Thickness of panel: 50mm,75mm,100mm,120mm,150mm,200mm

Cold store door, air curtain machine, lighting:        

  1 Sliding door, manual opening and closing.

  2 When door is opened, the air curtain machine and lights in cold storage can be running automatically.

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