Commercial Fresh-Keeping Flake Ice Machine

2022-04-27 | Project Case

Flake ice machine is a kind of ice making machine. According to the water source, it can be divided into fresh water slicing machine and sea water slicing machine.

According to the field of use, it can be divided into industrial slicing machine and commercial slicing machine.The ice sheet is a thin, dry, loose, white piece of ice ranging in thickness from 1.1 mm to 2.2 mm.

The ice sheet is irregular in shape and is about 8 to 40 mm in diameter.The sheet of ice has no sharp edges and corners, and will not hurt the frozen fresh objects.Can enter the space between the cooled, reduce heat exchange, maintain the temperature of fresh food, and has a good moisture effect.

Sheet ice has good refrigeration effect, large cooling capacity and rapid cooling characteristics, so it is also used in various large refrigeration and cooling facilities, food quick-frozen fresh, concrete cooling and cooling, etc.

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